Oct 272014

It was a beautiful day to give back to our wonderful town and celebrate Trick or Treat Street.  We mixed it up this year with handing out our “famous” fried dough  and we barely kept up with the lines and went through over 1,000 mini-slices in two hours.  Happy Halloween!FullSizeRender FullSizeRender copy

Apr 302014
Feb 252014

Did you know that every day we feature a regular line-up of our most popular specialty pizzas for only $5.99 that includes your choice of 20oz fountain soda or bottled soda.  Single specialty slices available for only $2.50 each


Monday is George’s BBQ Chicken

Tuesday is Sophia’s White & Spinach

Wednesday is Buffalo Chicken

Thursday is Chicken Bacon Ranch

Friday is The Godfather

Saturday is Aloha