We can tell you how “famous” our food & service is, but it sounds better when our customers do it for us!

Just wanted to say that food delivery folks on the whole don’t always understand the “Customer Service” side of business… unless or course you work for Famous Pizza.  Your delivery people are always timely, courteous and just down right nice people.  We don’t frequent the store front often, but I’m certain your waitstaff upholds that same values.  Thanks for running a GREAT ship over there.          Carolyn G. from Bethel, CT

Ordering online is the best. I order before I leave work in Stamford and it is ready when I arrive. All I have to do is sign the credit slip and I am on my way home.     Susan C. from Bethel, CT

Best pizza!  I’m from Milwaukee.  Grew up in bethel and crave this all the time.  First place I stop when I’m in town!          Aaron K. from Wisconsin

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This was left on the table from a very young acclaimed food critic that was visiting…THANK YOU!!





Consistently Fantastic!  Whether I’m being “good” (salad with the most flavorful grilled chicken) or not so -good (the decadent Godfather Pizza) Famous always, always always delivers incredible tasting food, excellent prices, and service like you’re part of the family.  I used to just go for Pizza, but as I work my way down their expansive menu, everything I try is simply delicious.  If you are within 100 miles of Bethel CT, you must try Famous Pizza.          Greg F. from Wilton, CT

You’re website for online ordering is the easiest to use… Food is always great.  Thank you.          Lisa G. from Redding, CT

I absolutely love that I can order delivery online, also I love the interactive website so that I can check the status of my order. These two features (and the great food) make Famous my first choice for ordering food for business meetings.         Erin C. from Danbury, CT

My husband loves your place!  He grew up & worked in Bethel but we now live in Texas.  You will be happy to know that he compares ALL pizza to yours.          Anjanet K. from Texas

Excellent ordering system, safe, secure and reliable.          Andrea M. from Bethel, CT

We have dined in and had your pizzas delivered many times over the ten years we have lived here.  If there is a finer pizza somewhere, we have thus far missed it!  Keep up the superior work.          Edwin T. from Bethel, CT

Love the pizza and the service.. we come every semester with our sorority (alpha delta pi) along with Sigma chi and have a great time every time!          Erin A. from Danbury, CT

Love everything!  Always warm and friendly service!          Erica A. from Bethel, CT

Thank you for selling a great tasting gluten free pizza – one of the best I’ve tried! It makes the gluten free lifestyle a little easier knowing that I can always get a delicious pizza from you guys!          Laura M. from Newtown, CT

I wanted to inform you on how much my family & I love your pizza. We have suggested it to many of our friends and the yhave always been pleased with the service and food.          Victoria T. from Bethel, CT

ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR RESTAURANT, FOOD, SERVICE, DELIVERY OPTION. AND OF COURSE THE NEW WEBSITE…FANTASTIC!!!!! (we even visit your cousins restaurant in Chincoteague, VA when we’re there)          Renee H. from Bethel, CT

We just wanted to say thank you so much for making our daughter’s 5th birthday perfect.  Miss Sharon did a wonderful job, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience!  Keep up the great work!  We love Famous Pizza!          Heather T. from Bethel, CT

Just wanted to let you know, I just placed an order online from Maine, I moved up here in November and miss Famous Pizza desperately!  So my sister is picking up my order tonight and driving it to Maine tomorrow!  If you are looking to expand, please consider Maine, we are desperately in need of some Famous Pizza up here! All the best!          Julie B. from Maine

Thank you so much for giving the first grade Berry students a chance to come in and see your pizza making skills in person!  I know from previous experience that the children love this!  It’s very kind of you.          Darlene W. from Bethel, CT

What can I say. Thanks for cooking dinners for us on Fridays. We love your pizza ( Hawaiian ) and Greeks salads.  Thanks for all the sponsor events…My kids really enjoy them.  A thank you shout out to the delivery man coming out on cold winter nights.          Maria A. from Bethel, CT

Famous pizza has the best pizza around hands down and their meat lasagna is amazing!          Christian B. from Redding, CT

This place has great pizza.  I live in Bowling Green Kentucky and was up in Bethel visiting my daughter and reminded her I could not get any good pizza in KY so I need to get one while here. It was great pizza!          Earle B. from Kentucky

Famous has always had consistant pizza. It is delishous every time. They have new York stlye as well as their traditional Greek style which is just a bit thicker than the nyc style. I love famous and I bet you will too!          Birdie M. from Bethel, CT

Love the pizzas and the ambience. Perfect location in beautiful Bethel. My kids love this place.          Suneetha M. from Bethel, CT

We love the pizza, thin crust is our favorite.  Always comes hot!  Nicest people work there!  Always get it right and we love their caesar salad too!          Laura P. from Redding, CT

Fun family atmosphere..good for just two..(date night?) but also good to bring family!  Interior brick walls, , funny signs, you can feel like ‘home” here.  Big glass windows on the corner, you can’t miss it.  There’s a parking lot across the street.  Also this is a family owned business and you always see family members working, so everything .. from food to service is best b/c their family really enjoys taking care of your family! (They are always smiling, happy, honest people), a good family) It doesn’t get any better than this!          Nancy G. from Danbury, CT

A Bethel hallmark!  Great local, family owned restaurant. Great food (Godfather pizza if you like all meat), excellent staff and the owners are great people.  Don’t hesitate to go.  Pizza is their specialty, but they have a wide ranging menu.  Their Godfather (all meat pizza) is a family favorite.  Recent renovations mean the restaurant is very new, clean, well lit with TVs tucked in several places.  Very casual, comfortable style.          John B. from Bethel, CT

People who don’t like this pizza clearly don’t understand pizza.  For everyone’s information, pizza doesn’t have to be thin crust New York or New Haven style to still be good. And don’t get me wrong, I love New York and New Haven style… but Famous Pizza is great in its own right, because it’s a pizza pie all its own.  I like to think of it as “What Pizza Hut wishes it was.” It’s a pan pizza, so the crust is thick, as is the cheese.  But the result, unlike the ungodly pizza-oid garbage at Pizza Hut, is savory, melt in your mouth, and truly unique for this part of the world.  Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.  I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but judge lest ye be judged when it comes to an alternative style of pizza.  I think it’s fantastic.  Try it once!          Jason M. from New Britain, CT

Bethel has it’s fair share of Italian and Pizza places in its downtown area now, but none of them compare to Famous.  When I was a kid riding my bike through town, I’d stop at Famous for a slice of pizza for lunch when they were still a small operation.  Now, they have grown and expanded and I couldn’t be happier that more people are noticing their wonderful food.  Famous is another staple of the family-oriented businesses in downtown Bethel.          Amanda M. from Florida

Pizza is a personal thing, and I really like Famous Pizza.  I’ve liked it since I moved to Bethel as a second grader and ate it through to my college days.  Now, in SoCal, it is one of the places I miss most.  The pizza is neatly made.  I find the crust to be fragrant and sauce/cheese ratio to be just what I like.  As noted before, due to their success they have expanded over the years but the pizza remains fundementally the same.  I happen to think Famous Pizza is the best pizza I have ever had and regardless of your pizza preferences I think Famous is good enough to warrant a try by everyone — don’t pass this place up.          Jonithan W. from California

The pizza, calzones and mozzarella sticks are great.  While the place may be bustling with customers coming and going nearby during late evening hours (especially Friday/Saturday), the atmosphere is a good one to sit down with your friends/family.  The waiters/waitresses are friendly (they are the same every week/very little turnover if at all!!).  I highly recommend this pizza joint for anyone in the Bethel area.          Todd O. from Danbury, CT